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Does the ordinance concern you?

  • All operators of facilities and residents in Hong Kong must comply with the Chemical Weapons (Convention) Ordinance. However, it is unlikely that the general public will be involved in activities prohibited under the Ordinance. Besides, as majority of the chemicals under the schedules of the Ordinance ( " Scheduled Chemicals " ) do not have any household uses, it is also unlikely that the general public will have direct or frequent contact with the scheduled chemicals. Therefore, the impact of the Ordinance on members of the general public should be minimal.

  • Chemical facilities, laboratories, hospitals and medical institutions, universities and tertiary institutions etc which may be involved in the production, acquisition, retention, processing, consumption, use or transfer of scheduled chemicals and UDOCs in the course of their operation may be affected by the Ordinance.

  • Operators and responsible persons of these entities are advised to read carefully the Ordinance to understand its relevant provisions to see if their activities fall under the control of the Ordinance and therefore subject to the requirements under the Ordinance.

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Last Revision Date : 27 December 2012